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Presenting Helen's Sacred Art





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Helen creates Individual Intergalactically Inspired Mandalas uniquely connecting you consciously to Source/The All That Is/The Divine encouraging you to become a co-creator in these difficult times. Mandalas can purify, stabilize and empower you for joy, fulfilment​, success, in profound ways, always with the most pleasing results. A circle , the starting point of a mandala, bypasses the conscious or ego making it possible to access higher awareness, allowing you to cope with and move confidently into the unknown.


The process is Helen tunes into the person & their higher self who in turn connects to my higher self and guides who channel the configurations held within the mandala. A mandala is a key to higher knowledge so my using sacred geometry, the basis of a mandala, is crucial to the process of opening a person to conscious awareness of their soul purpose in life. The initial circle bypasses the conscious allowing direct contact in this process with the higher entities who guide me. It is the human aspect of us that needs to be compatible with what the soul has come into this life to achieve. It is this conflict, due to the cellular memory contained in the two original cells that comprise the conception of a person, that contains a build up of beliefs laid down throughout each life of our ancestors, positive and also fear based beliefs that affect, and sometimes control what the soul can achieve.

Very simply the mandala is a key to release and create a new focus for soul success.

My mandalas are handpainted, unique to the individual despite there are certain configurations (archetypes) that turn up that release the mind of the blocks and conditioning originating within the family culture.

  If you are looking to heal a particularly difficult situation on both a soul level and your cellular memory (your family heritage) of issues that keep turning up in your life that appear to be insurmountable then please consider having one of my Intergalactically Inspired Mandalas created for you. Sacred Geometry, the basis of mandalas, gets to the energetic origins freeing you to move forward confidently .into a new perspective on life .

The proof for me and my co-creative process, which uses sacred geometry, are the results. These results are profound I have found over the years. The secret for me in facilitating others to trust themselves implicitly is opening the initial circle and only facilitating their ability to channel, not teach, their interpretation of their circles, that always with clear focus on what the circle offers up to them consciously. I see this as the perfect healing and use of the archetype of the Great Mother Goddess at the highest most purest form to rebirth themselves into actually who they truly are, at the same time healing and releasing the Dark/Shadow archetypal Black Goddess and the accompanying terror of the Truth inbuilt with that shadowy archetype, that we have been educated into believing to be the true Divine Feminine.

Another facet of this secret for me is, I am only the conduit, the messenger, the scribe who trusts my connection to Source and my ability to co-create using Source energy, free of any interference from my shadow or the collective shadow that humanity has been brainwashed into by the powers that wish to use & control our ability to create. "They" (the original Luciferians) stepped away from the Light to be better than God/the Divine. "They" have to steal our ability & to have us create what "they" want, the world in which we are living in blindly as our Third Eye/Pineal Gland has been calcified.​ The important issue  is to be able to make feeling vulnerable safe. allowing us to create in the way of the original plan for Humanity.  Gaining the overview perspective of the whole Intergalactic project also helps enormously to our greater understanding of the whole.  Blessings, Helen


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Presenting Helen's Sacred Art

It's a face! It is Mirroring Your True Self or Intergalactic Being back at you!

      Expanding the abilities of  Humanity with The Golden Age Timeline connection  including increased potential from Future Self & Timeline,  thus bringing the found answers from the future to present time.  It is a face.  A mirror of your Intergalactic Being!

Quantum Golden Age Timeline Mandala

These Mandalas above are all  attuned to the  Ashtar/Platinum Ray,  allowing connection to the Future Timeline for Humanity and The Golden Age Timeline

The Beloved

Stability with regard to the resolution of current difficult situations comes from connecting to the Future Self (& timeline) whereby we are given the keys to unlock those current situations from the wisdom learned by the  FS of ourselves having already learned the answers to the problems we now face! 


    Here is how some people have benefited from one of Helen's  Mandalas....................

If you’re thinking about doing Helen’s course, stop thinking about it and make contact with Helen. The course has been life changing for me, in many ways. I never thought I was creative, but as soon as I sat down to do my first mandala, something clicked within me and I started creating. Aspects of my life I had tried numerous times putting to bed or balancing, yet they kept creeping up on me. Doing Helen’s course, made healing profound, yet subtle. You feel a shift before, during and after a session. Helen will challenge you, and I am gratitude of this, her course, guidance and the work that she does.    Healorama

I have been seeing Helen in a professional capacity for several years. She came into my life when I was heading down a path of self-doubt and self-sabotage. I had no idea what was triggering my anxiety, nor did I know how to stop it. Helen's Soul Mastery course allowed me to get to the root of the problem using Sacred Geometry and to this day I still use these techniques to help me gain clarity personally and in my professional life.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to develop their self- awareness 🙏 Forever grateful thank you Helen.  Kalotina  

I have to say that since taking possession of my mandala I have noticed a huge shift in my emotional state. It seems that my anger and frustration subsides everyday and I have not felt this "together" for a long time and I know as the days pass it is going to just get better and better. I woke this morning for the first time in a long time actually looking forward to the day. Tyrone has also had a shift and woke looking very refreshed this morning (he is usually as sluggish as I am in the mornings). Thank you so much.


Elizabeth North Sth Australia

To experience one of Helen's beautiful Mandala's is truly unique. My first Mandala literally changed my whole way of thinking, seeing and experiencing life. I couldn't wait to learn more and did the Soul Mastery Course and loved learning about symbols and the energetic value of them. To feel the shift in my energy and open up to 'what is' created a whole new learning to life, empowerment, grounding, and connection to Source. I love learning from Helen as she has a strong grasp of everything she intuits, learns and experiences and brings it into the Mandala's that she creates.

We have known each other for many years and I have had individual, family and business Mandalas created for each major change in my life. With the support and guidance of the Mandala's that Helen creates I am very confident in recommending that you jump at the opportunity to have your own masterpiece created just for you.


Marlene Galler

Remedial Therapist, Isis Seichim Master Energy Healer

I was drawn to Helen’s work through my interest in Sacred Geometry and was truly amazed at the depth and layers as well as her intuitive choices of shapes and colours which had meaning to me. As the mandala unfolds before you it is vibrant and inspiring as well as being beautiful pieces of art in its own right. The photographs of her mandalas only reflect the final layer of her pieces and it isn't until you sit down with Helen as she produces one that you can really appreciate the true depth and perception of her work. I was drawn to Helen’s work through my interest in Sacred Geometry and I was truly amazed at the depth and layers as well as her intuitive choices of shapes and colours which had meaning to me. As the mandala unfolds before you it is vibrant and inspiring as well as being beautiful pieces of art in its own right. The photographs, on this website, of her mandalas only reflect the final layer of her pieces and it isn't until you sit with Helen as she produces one that you can really appreciate the true depth and perception of her work.

Helen’s work is multidimensional and it clears blockages allowing new energetic pathways to be birthed because she embodies a truly unique combination of talents. Her beautiful operatic voice is powerful and compliments her mandalas and she uses these gifts to wonderful effect when healing or channelling energetic shifts.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helen’s work.

Linda Dickson

Northern Ireland

Healing at deepest level & enlightening from the Quantum golden Age Timeline The shadow of The Black Goddess/ The Great Mother Goddess)

Enlightenment from Quantum Golden Age Timeline for this couple. Commission 80 x 50cms

Business Mandala

Twin Flame Mandala

Practitioner Mandala

Evolved Christ Consciousness

Quantum Golden Age Timeline Enlightening Genetic Interference at a cellular level

Practioner Mandala

Miracle Mandala

Sacred Geometry - The Basis of Mandalas​

Creating  mandalas or sacred art using the principals of Sacred Geometry can be likened to opening Pandora's Box.  As souls who have chosen to be on our planet at this momentous time can be seen as a privilege to be part of the enormous changes being brought about currently.  Ancient prior learned soul wisdom can be reclaimed whilst creating the ability to move into the unknown confidently.   Using the tools of Sacred Geometry can open ourselves to the greater overview of the higher perspective, gained by opening the initial circle & understanding our part in the bigger picture with higher knowledge that allows us to be comfortable with our situation.   The secret is doing this in a way the human part of ourselves can easily adjust to, healing the conflict between the soul knowledge and the cellular memory of the physical body.

The Great Mother Goddess Past Present Future brought together into present time.

Practioner Mandala

                                                Sacred Geometry​  (the basis of Mandalas)

OUR WORLD is being shaped - for the worse in many cases - by a modern science that manipulates life's natural patterns, while lacking the contextual understanding to do so responsibly. Genetically Modified Organisms, the irradiation of our food supply , the collapse of the human immune system from Electro Magnetic energies, are just a few prominent examples.

However with the contextual and spiritual understanding, we can create in harmony with nature and heal the destruction that has already taken place. Central to the development of this new healing science is the field of Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry is the study of the archetypal spiritual patterns that create everything in the material world. In Sacred Geometry the artificial split between science and spirit is healed and the foundations for a new healing science of the future arises out of the ancient wisdom of the past.

The great spiritual schools of the world know that Sacred Geometry is a master key expanding human spiritual awareness; to healing the physical body and correcting energetic problems; to conscious experience of - and communication with - spiritual beings and forces; and much more. Sacred Geometry began with the initiation teachings of ancient spiritual traditions, instructing students in the secret relationships between the physical world and the spiritual worlds. Sacred Geometry then became a basis for the beginning of science as we know it, including the sacred science of Egypt (which built the pyramids with exacting precision) and the Pythagorean science of vibrational energies in Greece. Every great spiritual tradition instructs their students in some aspect of Sacred Geometry, for it is the common master science by which the individual can both understand and directly tap into the forces of the Divine. At every scale of existence - from the sub-atomic level, to the forms of the human body, all the way up to the galactic scale - the same key patterns bring all things into manifestation.

Sacred Geometry is not simply a matter of ancient knowledge, however, the most important and powerful scientific breakthroughs of the modern world have come about through scientists re-discovering the same secrets of divine pattern taught in the spiritual schools. An amazing example of this comes from the Greek Mystery schools of 2500 years ago, which taught that there were 5 perfect 3 dimensional forms - the Platonic Solids - that were the foundation of everything in the physical world. Modern scholars ridiculed this idea until 1980's Professor Emeritus Robert Moon at the University of Chicago demonstrated that the entire Periodic Table of Elements - literally everything in the physical world - is based on these same 5 forms! In fact throughout modern Physics, Chemistry, and Biology the sacred geometric patterns of creation are being rediscovered, but tragically without the greater context of spiritual understanding which protects against the misuse of this knowledge.

Sacred Geometry, in summary, provides the essential knowledge for all human activity by clarifying the natural patterns the world is based on. In the past, spiritual schools have closely guarded the secrets of Sacred Geometry - in many cases requiring initiates to prefer death to revealing those secrets to the uninitiated. But with modern science's rediscovery and manipulation of these patterns what was once secret must now become available to everyone; we all will be touched in our lives by humanity's global success or failure to understand the Sacred Geometry of matter and spirit. Every individual effort to apply the knowledge of sacred geometry in the world - in Health, Environmental Work, Spiritual Development, Medicine, Psychology, Art, Education, Physics, Metaphysics, etc - is a constructive act of healing wisdom.

IHelen has been creating her Intergalacticaly Inspired Mandalas for about 30 years.  This process emerged, as with a lot of Life Coaches & Healers, from a difficult situation allowing her to remember ancient soul knowledge which healed her trauma, developing this into a full blown therapy allowing her to assist others & their loved ones,& difficult situations using this profoundly effective method of re-connecting people to Source/The All That Is/The Divine, beginning with a simple circle that defines the sacred space in which the adventure of creation arrives.