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Presenting Helen's Sacred Art





Presenting Helen's Sacred Art

Helen creates Individual Intergalactically Inspired Mandalas uniquely connecting you consciously to Source/The All That Is/The Divine encouraging you to become a co-creator in these difficult times. Mandalas can purify, stabilize and empower you for joy, fulfillment​, success, in profound ways, always with the most pleasing results. A circle , the starting point of a mandala, bypasses the conscious or ego making is possible to access higher awareness, allowing you to cope with and move confidently into the unknown.

If you are looking to heal a particularly difficult situation on both a soul level and your cellular memory (your family heritage) of issues that keep turning up in your life that appear to be insurmountable then please consider having one of my Intergalactically Inspired Mandalas created for you. Sacred Geometry, the basis of mandalas, gets to the energetic origins freeing you to move forward into a new way of life confidently.


This information below will assist you greatly in understanding  the overview Intergalactically of the current situation we find ourselves in on Planet Earth.

Channelled information by Amanda Ellis for her Ashtar Command Spray:

I am Commander Ashtar but you may simply call me Ashtar, for we are now on personal terms. Allow me to show you what you already know but have forgotten. You are a child of the universe which is in turn so much bigger than you have ever realised. We are not ALIEN. We are part of you. Nothing is separate within God’s creation and we are part of that creation just as much as the planets, stars, and myriad species of life within each part of galaxy upon galaxy, travelling through time zones, different dimensions and realities yet all united by this thing you call "life."

Life has many forms, and life is so much more than you realise. Life encompasses energies, seen and unseen, tangible and intangible. It was by Universal Decree that it was decided Earth was not ready until now to fully embrace it’s Galactic Heritage and unite with the greater whole from whence all come. Simply put, YOU separated yourself from US. We had not separated ourselves from YOU. You were a great tribe that partitioned themselves away. A Grand Experiment that was only supposed to last for a set time but yet has persisted for thousands of years despite many great Ascended Teachers coming to your lands. Enough now. It has been too long. Allow yourself to come together with your greater Starseed family once again, and to see other aspects of yourself once more.

You have looked up forlornly to the midnight sky and wondered what was out THERE whilst not appreciating that what was out THERE was WITHIN YOU.

Veils were put in place to help you forget as humanity had CHOSEN a path of duality. Earth became a school to compress your understanding and presence, to teach lessons through a dualistic model and to give you the GIFT of re-remembering. Like a Jack in the Box, humans put themselves into a confined reality, mind set and existence to try out many lessons like what it is to be told what to do, how to think and what to believe. Herd mentality created a prison that became comfortable for many inside this ‘box.’ You simply forgot you had the key to escape.

Mass Ascension Awakenings are now creating the new CHOICE to throw off this old paradigm, to strip back the veils and to reach out once more, regenerating into and claiming back the Creators you always actually were. This experience will no longer have to be taught. This is the last such Earth school to be closing it's doors (yes there are other ‘Earths’ but more of that another time.) For now, know that enough humans upon your blue planet ARE creating the great shift of ages that will propel Earth back to its rightful place amongst the brightest stars.

Your Earth is not dying. She is re-birthing. And you as a species have decided to rebirth with her.

This time, the birth triggers an acceptance and acknowledgement of US – of all being one and all realms working together. We do not look down on you as a race that needs saving. We are here as you WILL choose to save yourself (that timeline is already assured, the Darkness lost, it just doesn’t know it yet.) What I and my Federation offer is custodianship, stewardship, support and alliance through this transition. The Federation I oversee is made up of representatives of all great species. We have been waiting for you to re-join and have Fleet Members on Earth who gave us the call that you are now ready.

Until now, you have been bound up in stories, histories, and you have been defined by countries, language, colour and sex, yet these are all an illusion. The greater truth is that you have within you Human, Angelic, Galactic, and Ascended Master lineage.

I come forward to remind you of your Galactic origins, your place in something much bigger than you know and to help you activate dormant codes and DNA within you that are ready to be rewired and put back online. You are all connected to a much bigger grid than just Earth’s force field and via all 6 senses this will become more and more apparent to you with every passing Earth year, and it will now accelerate.

You find me through great light. The blinding skies, even when grey, hold my energy. It lies behind cloud that obscures it. With my fleet I patrol the skies. I create portals within the skyline and windows where you can see my ships and my own signature. I come through lightning and any light phenomena within your skies. If you look to the horizon of any great clear plain, be it desert, sea or prairie you will find me.

Just a few breaths out of sight. Yet I have always been there. Waiting, holding, observing, participating and steering this planet which forms part of my remit to watch over the wider universe. This was my instruction given from Source – what you call God – and to which I serve faithfully.

I am a Galactic Ambassador going where the Creator sends me. To planets of great need. And your Earth has been sending out cries of help for decades. For each one of you that called me in, I was able to move one step closer to the greater whole of humanity, waiting for the time more would be ready to remember.

That time is now.

I come in peace.

I come in love.

I come in unity.

I come because you called me.

I can look however you wish to perceive me. You have learnt this from the Angels, no? That spirit takes many forms. We appear as you expect us to appear. But in truth we can shape-shift into any form, texture, colour frequency or sound. You are also able to shape-shift. Again more of that another time but the ability is within you.

I primarily come to you on the silver and blue rays. I am comfortable there. Yes even Commanders of the Universe have their place of familiarity yet do not put me into a box similar to the one you are breaking out of. There is no box. There is just expansion, freedom, evolution, growth and light. So much light. It can be blinding. That is why I often shield you from the full extent of it. Your circuitry needs to rewire (and it will) to see me as I really am - similar to Archangel Metatron who has invited me here to be with you as "he" too is too large a frequency for the naked eye.

Even those who have documented how we look have only seen one ‘suit’. We wear many. What you call the alien race, but I prefer to call the Galactic Race, can be small, large, smooth, furry, bright, matte, hard, soft, fluid, fixed, ‘humanoid’ looking or simply cellular.

Do NOT label us. That is an old Earth habit that needs to end. Our Tribe is many, varied, but all magnificent expressions of creation.

Come get to know us, get used to me.

I am here because I am part of you.

Those of you called to work and be present with me now will receive downloads of my frequency to re-calibrate your own physical vessel, your body, to hold more light, more wisdom and more functionality. You are not all from the same line. I am able to re-calibrate your vessel whether primarily Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and so on in origin. Although you are actually all combined, but we start where you first identify.

I offer you protection whilst opening up galactically a safe passage through any portal or place of visitation. Through me you will only meet those working for the light. I only offer light.

I am Ashtar. It is time. Let us get to know each other.

Quote from Amanda Ellis' Angelic Celestial Colours Galactic Spray.

Healed Wounded Mother Connecting to Gaia, Soul of the Earth

Portal opening Earth & Humanity to the remaining Universes & Galaxies we had been cordoned off from due agreements not being kept.

Family Mandala - Bringing into the Collective of Humanity the Platinum Ray energies from the now not cordoned off Universes & Galaxies Aspects being returned to us, particularly in this mandala for a re-energized Light filled family life.

These Mandalas above are all  attuned to the Ashtar/Platinum Ray - see explanation below

Intergalactic Being from the now not cordoned off Universes & Galaxies.

We all have other aspects of ourselves, long ago released from our awareness when we decided to become part of the transition and the completion of          The Grand Experiment now coming to completion.  This being is now overseeing  & reconnecting that urgently needed knowledge and understanding required here on Earth at the moment. 

               Here is how some people have benefited from one of Helen's Mandal​as....................

I have to say that since taking possession of my mandala I have noticed a huge shift in my emotional state. It seems that my anger and frustration subsides everyday and I have not felt this "together" for a long time and I know as the days pass it is going to just get better and better. I woke this morning for the first time in a long time actually looking forward to the day. Tyrone has also had a shift and woke looking very refreshed this morning (he is usually as sluggish as I am in the mornings). Thank you so much.


Elizabeth North Sth Australia

To experience one of Helen's beautiful Mandala's is truly unique. My first Mandala literally changed my whole way of thinking, seeing and experiencing life. I couldn't wait to learn more and did the Soul Mastery Course and loved learning about symbols and the energetic value of them. To feel the shift in my energy and open up to 'what is' created a whole new learning to life, empowerment, grounding, and connection to Source. I love learning from Helen as she has a strong grasp of everything she intuits, learns and experiences and brings it into the Mandala's that she creates.

We have known each other for many years and I have had individual, family and business Mandalas created for each major change in my life. With the support and guidance of the Mandala's that Helen creates I am very confident in recommending that you jump at the opportunity to have your own masterpiece created just for you.


Marlene Galler

Remedial Therapist, Isis Seichim Master Energy Healer

I was drawn to Helen’s work through my interest in Sacred Geometry and was truly amazed at the depth and layers as well as her intuitive choices of shapes and colours which had meaning to me. As the mandala unfolds before you it is vibrant and inspiring as well as being beautiful pieces of art in its own right. The photographs of her mandalas only reflect the final layer of her pieces and it isn't until you sit down with Helen as she produces one that you can really appreciate the true depth and perception of her work. I was drawn to Helen’s work through my interest in Sacred Geometry and I was truly amazed at the depth and layers as well as her intuitive choices of shapes and colours which had meaning to me. As the mandala unfolds before you it is vibrant and inspiring as well as being beautiful pieces of art in its own right. The photographs, on this website, of her mandalas only reflect the final layer of her pieces and it isn't until you sit with Helen as she produces one that you can really appreciate the true depth and perception of her work.

Helen’s work is multidimensional and it clears blockages allowing new energetic pathways to be birthed because she embodies a truly unique combination of talents. Her beautiful operatic voice is powerful and compliments her mandalas and she uses these gifts to wonderful effect when healing or channelling energetic shifts.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helen’s work.

Linda Dickson

Northern Ireland

Crystal Practitioner Mandala

Remembering Ancient Ascension prior learned wisdom & knowledge from Advanced civilizations in other Galaxies

Enlightening with the Platinum Ray, freeing the shadow and those addicted to controlling from behind the veil of illusion & secrecy. Freedom for them & us!

Practioner Mandala

Evolved Christ Consciousness

Personal Mandala

Practioner Mandala

Healing & releasing the conflict between the Original Intergalactic place some of us left to be part of the laying of the new IG energetic foundation leading to the resolution & completion of The Grand Experiment.

Sound Healing

Light Language Soul Mastery Courses


  • 7 weekly sessions where you will create the Archetypes  1  to 10.
  • Learn the basic technical knowledge to create a mandala using sacred geometry enabling you to apply this to re-align your chakras.
  • Open to channeling allowing you to understand and feel the process whilst creating your mandalas..
  • Attunement to Divine Mastery
  • Be assisted to remembering your ancient forgotten Soul Knowledge  from past life, other dimensional existences & civilizations.
  • Recommended reference books to assist your progress.
  • Voice activation to stimulate the ability to speak &/or sing Light Language.
As an ex Opera Singer Helen taught singing in Northern Ireland to Diploma level , using  this practical  experience to activate your voice to Light Language.

The knowledge and experiences gained in this course can build the confidence to go into the unknown  as co creator with Source/ The All That Is/the Divine.

  • Fee :    Pay as you go     $70 per session       Up Front  $450      Bank transfer or PayPal
Contact Helen 0422 490 914 for more information.

VOICE a Tool for Transformation

Singing regulates, sustains and deepens the breath, increasing the sensitivity of our hearing and refines the internal sensing process. Singing resonates the entire physical body and electro-magnetic field, fully engaging the mind, giving the emotions a vehicle for expression and an overall sense of well-being. When we combine the singing of sustained pitches with specific vowels and directed concentration we revitalize our internal organs, balance our chakras and calm our nervous system. In short, the quality of our voice can be a reflection of our emotional, physical, and spiritual condition.

Over centuries many methods for training the voice have been devised to meet the rigors of public performance for the various styles that are part of our musical culture today.

The truly natural healthful voice required for the purpose of meditation or self-development that we seek does not have to focus on constant practice but a focus on the spiritual or soul aspects which can easily release the healing qualities of voice which can then be used for self healing or for others.

The key to reclaiming a natural voice lies with a full use of the entire breathing process. When our breathing functions without restriction a subtle expansion and contraction can be felt in the whole body, namely the throat, neck, diaphragm, scalp, buttocks and especially the lungs. One’s truly natural voice that we seek can gradually emerge as restrictions in breath support are released, internal organs for support also become more involved, breathing becomes fuller and deeper, the voice becoming more resonant, richer and soul-full. The fullness, flexibility and resonance of the voice results as a matter of course when we allow these tensions to evaporate. The healing of the voice is actually enhanced when the vibration of the sounds are focused on healing oneself via the balancing of the chakras with the voice!

As the vowels of language are the sounds of the soul, particular attention should be paid to correct sounding and shaping of these. Through the enhanced abilities of sensing voice sounding can bring we are using vibration to open doors to other aspects of ourselves that may have been locked in our unconscious until this moment of new choices. Bringing all this together can be a key to consistent health when there is a free flow of bodily energy with resulting vitality, creating a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

The Effects of Sound On Your Innate Genius

The use of sound and music to generate “healing” has a long history stretching back to the virtual beginnings of man. Indigenous shamans and healers using instruments such as the human voice, drums, flutes and percussive instruments have been documented to alter brain states (i.e. the neural activity within the brain itself). These studies have shown, for instance, that certain drumming patterns can increase theta activity in the cerebral cortex, a brain state known to be connected with hypnagogic states of awareness, dream-like states of mind as well as states of unusual mental creativity. Using the pure sound and tone of voice can create non-ordinary states of awareness a means to enhance human potential and awakening the Innate Genius. These altered states of consciousness are a powerful key for unlocking much of our unused potential, and as a technology to assist us, sound and music are unparalleled. While there are unique differences between the brains of individual humans, generally speaking, the left hemisphere processes language and logic.  The right hemisphere, on the other hand, does not “comprehend” language as such. However, the right hemisphere processes spatial information, paradox, novelty and non-verbal information in ways that the left hemisphere is incapable of. History is full of instances where scientific breakthroughs occurred when scientists engaged right hemispheric abilities to “see” situations and opportunities in novel ways. When the right cerebral hemisphere is stimulated, as in the use of pure sound or tone, there is often an increase in non-ordinary states of awareness. This occurs because the right hemisphere engages the spatial and intuitive aspects of our intelligence. In these neurological states, our perception of reality (both internal and external) can be very different from our everyday experience. Our senses may become heightened or sensitive, more vivid or refined. It is not uncommon to have a more immediate experience of our inner mental and emotional life through the direct perception of our psychic drivers (i.e., our deeply seated emotions, fantasies and archetypal conflicts or dramas) during these types of altered states. In such instances, our unconscious mental/emotional material may present itself as internal imagery (dream-like images) or even internal dialogues. The lives of great scientists and artists indicate that these states of mind are gateways to our innate genius. Altered states of consciousness are a powerful key for unlocking much of our unused potential. And as a technology to assist us, sound and music are unparalleled.

Light Language

Spoken or sung Light language is a language of benevolent love and light and has many different dialects. Some of those dialects are early earth languages, star languages or angelic codes. Light Language is the galactic language of love and light. For those who hear it (and speak it) It carries codes for frequency healing, activating DNA, and it is used for healing issues, for toning, meditating, and aligning...    If you have ever had light language spoken to you, you will feel the vibrations of this language even if you don't understand what it does. Some say it sounds familiar, from long ago past. Some cry when they hear it. It is not necessary to understand what is being said- only in the intention of the healing or toning with the intent will facilitate the flow of energy to the right place in your energetic structure. Light language is the gift of higher dimensional frequency healing. These words are energy, sound, and vibration. They are gifts from spirit, to spark your dormant 12-strand DNA potential.

The same goes for the written language of light and Light Language in the of form the sacred geometry.. The Language of Light It is already pre-coded into every cell of our body... We all have these light codes in us pre-coded to awakening. These dormant codes are awakened by light filled sacred geometrical shapes, the Language of Light. Sacred geometry is a way of receiving information and energy to accelerate the Ascension Process.

The Language of Light as it flows from "higher" dimensions into our world holds an electromagnetic inscription encoded in the geometric shapes. A direct teaching on your cellular level, heard by your DNA. Sacred geometry, Sun Gazing, Colours, Spoken Light Language, Sung Light Language, are all Light Language.

Bringing Light to those who chose the Dark

Mary Magdalene Archetype Bringing 5D energies down to 3D

Sound  & intention ​has activated all of these mandalas for the enhancement of the Collective Mind Set of Humanity & Gaia as well as  the person who ordered or commissioned these mandalas.

                                      Please respect the psychic privacy of the individuals who have ordered the original mandalas.